I’m sooooo excited for Christmas this year! But I can’t believe it’s only 3 weeks away. I have seen so many people on Twitter saying that it doesn’t feel Christmassy yet, so here’s how I’m getting festive this season:
🎄Dress the season- winter 2017 is all about the warmth for me. Which may sound strange but I’ve never been so prepared for the cold weather, I’m talking new slippers, dressing gowns, warmer bedding, a million jumpers. I love feeling cosy during the winter, getting snug and watching a movie.
🎄The perfect Christmas movie- everyone has their favourites, mine has to be Home Alone! But whether it’s Die Hard or Love Actually, the perfect Christmas movie is guaranteed to get you feeling festive. I’ve watched Elf 3 times this week, no shame here.
🎄 Christmas shopping! My favourite winter time activity. I always head up to Newcastle for my shopping, as it basically has everything to could ever want. And with the decorations and Christmas markets it’s the perfect time to go and enjoy yourself.
  🎄Spending time with friends and family- I feel like Christmas time is the time of year when everyone truely makes time to see one another. I’m so excited for shopping trips, cocktail afternoon, Christmas parties and family meals, bring it on. 
🎄 Putting up the Christmas decorations- when you think of Christmas, this is definitely at the top of the list. I love helping my mum get all the baubles out (and the tangled up lights that take forever to untangle). Christmas music on, chocolate out and get the tree up, really gets me in the Christmas spirit. 
🎄Treat yourself- I’m not sure about anyone else, but I always treat myself (probably a little too much) near Christmas time. In my defence, it is my birthday near Christmas to, and so I use this as my excuse. But I do feel that after a full year of working hard, a couple of treats is what we deserve. 
I hope you’ll leave this post feeling a little more festive! With not long to go, it’s time to really cherish that festive feeling. What have you been doing to get festive? Have you put your tree up yet? Let me know in the comments xo 


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