Black Honey- one of the biggest bands that you’ve probably never heard of. The four piece from Brighton have been killing recently with songs such as ‘Madonna’ and new hit ‘Hello Today’. In the few weeks alone they’ve earned their place on BBC Radio 1’s playlist, been publicly praised by Zane Lowe and completely sold out their UK tour. It’s hard to believe that they haven’t even been signed yet. 
I was very excited when I was offered tickets for their sold out Leeds show at Belgrave Music Hall. A new band and new venue- I was in my element. London/ Icelandic trio Dream Wife were supporting Honey, and MY GAWD they were incredible. Music, style, stage presence- everything was spot on, oozing edgy pop and girl power. I predict big things for these girls- so check them out ASAP. 
Black Honey graced the stage around 9.45pm- a crowd already full of energy, with mosh pits having started during Dream Wife. There is obviously some massive Honey fans here, which really picks up the energy of the place (that I feel may have been lacking from the band). There’s non denying that Black Honey have amazing musicality, there’s no argument for that considering the success they’ve had over the past year. Lead singer Izzy Phillips has an incredible voice, described as a ‘Lana Del Ray Indie’ blend.  Their music oozes so much sass, yet they don’t shy away from a simple melody. They’re going places, fast.
 Now, I have huge respect for bands that try and be different, however I felt that she was trying to be so quirky and unique it came across as a little desperate. However a least there was a little personality there; seeing photos and interviews of Black Honey in the past I was expecting them to be so cool and charismatic- giving a proper show. Unfortunately I just didn’t feel this. Now I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and say they’re bound to be tired, as it was their last night of the sold out tour. However I just didn’t connect with them and enjoy their show as much as I had anticipated, and I wasn’t the only one to feel this way after speaking to people afterwards. Sorry Honey, maybe next time. 
What made it all the better, we were lucky enough to be graced with a parking ticket outside the Belgrave as we arrived back to the car. Thanks Leeds x

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