“Mallory Knox headlined the Newcastle O2 Academy this week and it turned out to be wilder than I had expected. Half an hour before the doors even opened the queue to get in was practically circling the O2 and everyone seemed so excited. Since the release of their new album Asymmetry a couple of weeks ago, the band has grown ever more popular than they already were, landing 16th place in the UK album charts.

The crowd were already geared up after the support acts, especially Frnkiero– a band that a lot of people in the crowd went wild for. Though, lead singer of Mallory Knox, Mikey Chapman, is the king of encouraging an audience, and that’s exactly what he did from the word go. They graced the stage, inevitably beginning their show with a few songs from the new album, QOD IIShout at the Moon and Getaway. Though to the crowd’s delight Mallory Knox were keen to perform some of their older stuff like Lighthouse and 1949. It was clear these weren’t here to promote an album, but to play a kiss-ass show. The climax of the night came in the form of a wall of death, encouraged by Mikey- there is nothing more appealing to their fans than to be thrown about in a mosh pit, and with good reason. The crowd was mental, but it was exciting
Mallory Knox are a band that like to play with your emotions- sure they can throw down a head banger, but they can just as equally stand there with one guitar and play a slower, more emotional song. These boys thrive off a crowd’s reaction, which is what makes them so amazing live and they’ll keep ever growing. To think that they were once playing the smallest room upstairs in the O2 is unbelievable.”

This interview and review was originally posted on 13th November 2014 on

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